Quotes from our Community

"The decision by Sterilite to build the new Public Library and Senior Center in Townsend in 2008 is born out of the earnest desire to provide appropriate facilities for the very best programs to serve all the citizens, both young and old.  But, of course, the buildings are only part of the answer. There must be professional staff, material assets and planned programs as well to accomplish these goals. Obviously your town government must allocate tax revenue to provide basic support. In addition, the citizens must create an endowment fund, income from which is dedicated to enhancing the basic program to make this library the best it can be. Therefore citizens must join together to create the Townsend Public Library Endowment Trust with their gifts of funding that will be invested to provide income to support programs and assets that are not normally funded by municipal budgets. It is our fervent hope that everyone who can, will contribute to this perpetual fund."
Mr. Albert Stone, Chairman of the Board of Sterilite Corporation
"Without doubt a library helps shape a community, which is an investment in our future society. It is an evolution recognized for continuing academic and personal growth. The necessity of an endowment is imperative to the cultivation of this growth. In a world of financial instability, an endowment will make available cultural diversity and supplemental expansions that would not be available or otherwise achieved. This financial support will be a resource that gives today and for our children’s tomorrow.” 

Suzanne Doust
"The future viability of our library like any organization is to be able to maintain a consistent income stream to provide cultural and educational activities to the citizens of Townsend. The library endowment will be able to do just that. With our knowledge of past interest bearing accounts and the ever changing demands of our community for the limited resources it will benefit our entire community greatly if the town can get behind such a program and accept this change to the future.”
Gary Shepherd
"A library can be the cultural center of our community, enriching the lives of all residents and of all ages. To reach its full potential in uncertain economic times and with unpredictable municipal financial support it is more important than ever to create an endowment to support library programs and services which would not otherwise be possible. Supporting the endowment is a wonderful opportunity to do something truly meaningful for our town now and in perpetuity.”
Bill Wilkinson
"The donation, by the Sterilite Corporation, of a new library will mean so much to the Library Trustees and the people of Townsend. This gift will enable us to expand our books both adult and children, DVD, and programs for all.”
Mrs. Carol Wright, former Townsend Library Trustee Chairman
"A book is a great treasure; a library even more so. With the new library we have gained an expanded space, an expanded collection of knowledge and wonder, and an expanded ability to offer programs that enrich the entire community.”
Mrs. Janet Vesper, former President of Townsend Friends of the Library
"This letter is to acknowledge my support for, and to encourage the residents of Townsend to contribute to the newly established Library Endowment Fund. Sterilite, through its generosity, will be presenting the town with a newly constructed Library within the next 10 months, a new, state of the art Library that when completed will be presented, unconditionally to the Town of Townsend.
With the anticipated gifting of the new Library, a number of volunteers with forethought have established a Library Endowment Fund, which shall be used to support cultural and educational programs sponsored by the Library. These programs will benefit all residents in town. Given the tough economic times we are facing, and will likely continue to face for some time to come, this fund drive is crucial in order to supplement the Library's funding for these worthwhile programs. I therefore urge the residents of Townsend to contribute what they can, and to support the Library Endowment Fund.
Mr. David Chenelle, former Selectman
"Rarely do citizens of any town witness such a wonderful gift and able to experience the building and growth of a brand new library facility such as has been donated by Mr. Stone. As a former school teacher I can attest to the importance of expanding our resources to educate our young people. As a former Library Trustee I most certainly appreciate how important contributions from the community as a whole must continue.”
Miss Pearl Russell, (at the time Townsend’s oldest resident, now deceased)
"As one moves from middle age to old age thoughts of the Grim Reapers and the grave are common. Alas comes Sterilite, the Stone family and the Library and ones thoughts change to 'Please Not Yet, Not Yet, Not Yet. I would like to hang around to see the final act!"
Mr. Richard Collette  86-years plus (Note: The new Townsend Public Library building is named in honor of Richard and Irene Collette.  Unfortunately, Mr. Collette passed away just four months before the new library was dedicated on October 31, 2009.   The flag from his casket was flown at the dedication ceremony and is now on display in the library.)
"I’ve been a resident of Townsend for over 49 years now and for the past 10 or 11 years, I’ve been saying that the best thing that’s ever happened to Townsend since I’ve moved here was the opening of the Townsend Ridge Country Club. Of course, I’m retired now and able to take great advantage of that facility! Well, that statement has changed since Al Stone has made his wonderful gift of a new library and Senior Center to the town of Townsend. What a blessing that was! I can’t wait for the doors to open! I will certainly begin using the library again. I am so excited about being able to sit in a quiet corner of the new library doing research or reading readily available magazines and newspapers without being interrupted by the noise we’ve been subjected to in our present library because of its inadequately small space. What a blessing that will be.”
Mr. Auguste ‘Hirk’ Fortin
"Not since 1932, when the people of Townsend received a gift of a new school from Huntley and Rolland Spaulding, have we been so fortunate to receive another great gift. With many thanks to the Sterilite Corporation and the Stone family we are going to have a magnificent new library and senior center. The library and senior center will offer the people of Townsend opportunities to take part in cultural activities previously not available. One such program is the availability to take part in the endowment which will support programs and activities for many years.”
Mr. Donald Keefe
"The Sterilite Corporation has provided our town with an amazing gift of a new library, senior center, and function hall. This generous gift will be enjoyed by the entire community and has already given so many residents a new sense of pride and ownership in Townsend. This is the beginning of so many possibilities for Townsend. We can continue to build a strong sense of community while using the library and senior center as a vehicle to provide opportunities, information, and enrichment to all its residents. Thank you for making this possible.”
Mrs. Monica Kleeman

"As a "senior" I look forward to Townsend's new library. With convenient parking and a facility with spaciousness, good lighting, and comfort the new library will entice me to spend time there when I'm not on the golf course. It will be conducive to reading a newspaper or magazine, researching information, and selecting books and movies.”
Mr. Kenneth Gerken